Advanced - IET Level 3

Living Your Souls Mission

Advanced IET level 3

This level of IET clears the path to bring us to the life of our dreams and to live more fully aligned with our soul’s mission.

What you will


We are here to experience and develop wisdom to build spiritual mastery, serve others, and live in pure joy. This Advanced IET workshop will gift you practical tools you can use in your daily, weekly, monthly spiritual practices for yourself and those you are here to love and serve.


A heart wave and soul star clearing technique that will gift you, confidence, clarity, and energy to bring your souls mission to life with ease.


A heart net process and respectfully demand technique that amplifies your abilty to manifest your desires and souls mission in this life.


A muscle tension and relaxation technique that clears resistance fast!


A heart beam energy technique that can be used anywhere in your home, the earth, to empower, bless and heal the hearts of those that come into contact with it.

This day will help us

to begin to clear:

01  Confusion

02  Doubt

03  Insecurity

04  Fear

05  Self-imposed restrictions

06  Victimization 

07  Difficult life situations and patterns on repeat




This day will help you access more:



Soul Wisdom

I am soul excited to invite you into this experience.

About me:

I have been working with the 9 healing Angels of IET since 2010, I was attuned to all 3 levels in 2010 and it radically shifted my life into one where my soul’s expression came to life.

Everything I express and bring to life is a result of these attunements and this energy love and support in my life. I have been teaching IET since 2016 and I am brought to so much joy when I see those I have taught and attuned expand and grow in their lives beyond anything they ever imagined.

A Non refundable deposit of £50 is required upon booking. This covers my manuals and costs which come from America.
Payment plan in place.
£50 per month for 2 months. ❤