Her Story

18th April 8pm-10pm GMT


Its purpose is
  • 🌹To dismantle the energy that holds women in the energy of comparison and unhealthy competition.
  • 🌹To recognise that you are not alone and wombyn the world over have experienced similar.
  • 🌹To break through and clear the ancestral wounds of our past that prevent us being as visible as we desire in our soul gifts.
  • 🌹To speak into the heart and womb a message of hope and faith that we are who we have been waiting on all along.
The first 5 wombyn to sign up will receive a bonus integration soul whispering audio to support their journey.

This is for wombyn who still feel a contraction of fear around seeing another woman rise.

To move beyond the shame of that into the heart of what is true for us all.

Which is that we are all worthy, all chosen, all needed, all in this together weaving a new tapestry of love upon this planet that honours sisterhood and feminine leadership like never before.

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