Mother Speaks

I am the earth herself and I am the heavens above. I am an embodiment of what lies beneath you, I am the vastness of what rises above you and I am all that you are and all that you see in me. I am a portal of endless possibilities if you dare to seek through me. I am the fullness of what breathes through you, gifting life moment after moment, long after you have stopped breathing me in, and forgotten my presence. I am there. With you still. Breathing. Filling you up. With life. I am what catch’s your breath in those moments of sheer wonder lust as you gaze upon my body, and the endless luscious landscapes that sustain and feed you daily. I am the dirt beneath your feet that grounds you and protects you so that you may be reminded of your humanness and strength and the path that you are here to walk. I am the mother of all mothers so much is born from me I am the light that sustains you through your darkest hours that teases you into the madness of your mind. In the hope that your frantic grasps at life in this space will create a fight like no other for freedom against these man-made cages of lifeless wanderings. I am the fertile seed of creation that burns through your passionate hearts in the hope that you will hear my call and answer it with the depth of passion I feel for you. I am the ecstasy you seek through your exploration of what it is to be sacred as you find your way home to me. I am the silence in between each in breath and out breath as your soul takes a moment to invite you gently inwards. To gaze deeper into what is truly being revealed to you in your moments of doubt. I am all that is sacred and I hold all that is true and holy in deep reverence for safe keeping only gifting it to you when you know and see the truth of what lies within. I am the pleasure felt within the body when loves touch opens the flow of connection like no other. I am the rage of pain that swells deep within your womb when you have ignored me for too long. I am the roar of enough when I see you take from my daughters and sons what was never to be taken. I am the changing winds that cast you into the wilderness to find what you have forgotten when you came through your mother’s womb of love into the world. I am the wisdom of your soul that begs you to be still long enough so that you may learn to be with me a moment longer than your busy lives allow. And each new moment begins to stretch you beyond all that you have ever known. I am The re-birth. I am The re-emergence. I am The re-igniting. I am The re-alignment. I am The re-membering of who you are. I see you as the phoenix that rises from the ashes of destruction to find that you and I are the same holy love of creation yet we are wholly different as you carry a unique vibration frequency that only you can and only you ever could. And it is this that the world needs now. It is you that I am calling home. It is you that I am calling into action. It is you that I am calling into hope. It is you that I am calling into faith like never before so that we can together rise into the fullness of love that knows no bounds or limits. Where the fierce love of holy creation can bring balance to what has been shamelessly skewed for personal gratification. It is you created from the womb of the mother and the heart of the father that is feeling these words as your own. Can you hear me now? Do you feel me now? Will you answer my call? A call from the Mother of all Mothers In love & devotionGenevieve Marie Rose
Photo Credit: Terry Morgan & Lisa Smith Me 8months pregnant with our littlest Rose.

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