5 Days to access more self love and personal power in your life.

To Access More Self Love And Personal Power In Your Life

5 days to access more self love and personal power in your life

Most of us in our lives were not modelled healthy self love so this is a journey you can take with me to cultivate some powerful gentle safe loving practices that will empower and change how you move through your day to day life. 

This 5 day challenge is for you if you

Have fallen out of a devotional self loving practice in your day to day life
Know you have purpose beyond what you are living right now
Have a desire to feel more alive and connected to yourself and all of life
Have lingering doubts about your value and worth in this life
Are feeling lost or insecure in any area of your life

A woman is

the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform not only herself but the world around her.

Benefits of participating in the challenge

Self love

Self Acceptance

Feel More Empowered

Feel more Connected

Self Compassion

“Thank you so much. You've honestly changed my life, and each chapter coming up is going to be more beautiful, blessed and full of love, because you've unveiled the magic inside me to do that, you've given me the ingredients I need! You're like the fairy godmother!”

I really just wanted to say thank you to Genevieve for organizing this beautiful event for us she brings such beautiful, amazing energy and I loved all the days and each one of the recordings I’m sure I’ll be back for more at a later point.

Thank you to all you amazing ladies on this journey for holding and supporting me at a very difficult time, I really felt you all and feel honoured to have met you here, Genevieve Mc Gee you are truly an amazing person and thank you so much for gifting us this space, so much love to you all

Who Am I?

I am known as the soul whisperer, a connector of womxn. I have been bringing womxn together in circle for 13 years now. When womxn come together a magick unfolds, the world changes for the better, as each and every time a womxn is met, seen, heard, and loved as she is. For in these moments she remembers her power and what is capable of.

I am an Energy Artist who has been featured in soul & spirit several years in a row creating 7 oracle card decks for publication. I am a master IET instructor and have been teaching this powerful energy therapy for several years now. I am a priestess of the rose lineage, founder of the priestess path of rememberance journey. I am a compassionate mentor to many and also the Founder of our beautiful Soultribe Temple online community of Queens. My service is one of love calling you home to the heart of what is alive and seeking to be met in you. 

The world needs womxn, womxn who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved, both tender and fierce. Come join us, all of you is welcome here…

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