Priestess Of


6 weeks of ecstatic pleasure practices to deepen your connection to your body, pleasure, power, passion and purpose. 

What we will move into:

Cycle Mapping

Mapping your inner Rhythms and aligning them with your sexual life force

Womb Wisdom

She whispers to activate and call home the power of your wombs oracular gifts

Pleasure Activations

 Embody the power of your pleasure and let yourself be visibly radiant

Orgasmic Flow

Learn to be with your orgasmic nature and to use its energy to breathe life into any area of your life that your desire it to be

Blood Mysteries

Innerstanding how to work with your menstrual cycle and sacred moon blood

Gate ways of Devotion

Connect with your inner gateways of devotion and open to their gifts power and wisdom

What you will Receive:

01  2 live Soul Sister Circles

7th September & 12th October

02  6 Guided Meditations

03  6 Pleasure Practices

04  6 Yoni Egg Practices

05  PDFs, Inspiration, and invitations to deepen daily into something wonderful just for you.

All of this for the Beta Price of $222

If you are a SOUL TRIBE QUEEN you will gain access as part of your subscription

If you wish to gain access to the above 6 weeks and soul much more you can become a SOULTRIBE QUEEN. For you ONLY I am opening Temple Doors for the next 48 hours. 

Thank you for being open and willing to take the deep dives inwards to access your pleasure passion power and purpose in this life. You soul deserve that! 


In Love & Devotion Always 

Your Soul Whisperer