S.H.E Sacred Holy Embodiment ~ Experience ~ 22nd Oct 2022

I will invite you to work with all of your senses and guide you through a sesnational experience that awakens and stirs deep remembrance of what it means to be met in love.

I will share with you the gifts of 7 gateways of devotion and their shadow sisters so that you can consciously work with them to support your own sacred holy embodiment.

I will do a live womb clearing and blessing ceremony which will honor you the woman, you the maiden and you the woman you have yet to become.

This experience will be life changing and soul nourishing.

A replay will be made available for you to dive into time and time again.

You may not be able to walk 9 months with me right now.

I am sure you can walk 90 mins with me.

I do not beleive in limiting your access to what you have already paid for.

I am soul excited to bring this to life for you.

In love devotion & gratitude always

Genevieve XXX