Soul Whispering Collective

$22.00 / month



Each and every month  we will meet in circle for a collective and personal soul whispering session.

What does this mean?

It means you recieve in the moment channelling to support you energetically through the month ahead and the oppurtunity to ask for some personal guidance.

You will also receive:

An online community of soul sisters to lean into and feel supported by, personally I believe this to be the biggest gift.

I am not done yet you also receive:

A full library of soul whispers and replays from myself and guest experts that drop into soul topics like:


Womb wisdom

Priestess activations

Angel wisdom


Human design

Inner Child work

Rituals of Devotion

Within this space is a growing body of offerings and content that is there to support your souls growth through these evolutionary times.

In love devotion and gratitude always

Your soul whisperer


Community Testimony

When you walk with this woman you have no choice but to bring your own gaze to your heart centre and seek therein the beauty and purity that you behold.” Majella 


You connect us back to the parts we didn’t even realise were missing, you help us to answer our questions we didn’t even know needed asked, you connect us to form friendships with like minded women in the spaces you provide, most of all you help us to form friendships with ourselves. Stacey 

“Genevieve’s art,words&sacred holding are igniting the divine creative spark in so many women throughout this planet,bringing them home to themselves & to remembering who they truly are.” Siobhan 

” You will rise in her care you will bring the best version of you ….the beautiful friendships and soul sisters she has reunited has been source energy working through the channel that is this holder of woman. Joanie 

Genevieve has helped me to tune into my own body wisdom. To trust in myself & form opinions based on my heart’s desire. Rather than look to others for the answers. She has continually guided me back to myself & this has helped me to break my co dependant patterns. Susan 

She has handed me the tools to heal myself and really sees me without any judgment only love.” Maxine