Soul Connections Circles & Angels ~ We are always given what we need ;)

I am a little late with my blog this week.

Can you believe it is half way thorugh and we are almost at the end of 2021! ? Insane I am grateful for the quickening tbh are you?

I have spent this past week really integrating the fullness of last week. It was truly magical and nourished my soul deep in ways I knew I needed and had invited in yet didnt expect it to be as lush as it was! I let go and let God and wow did it deliver!

It began with me catching up with a soul sister I adore and haven not seen in a very long time and then attending a really loving evening of meditation with an elder who held space like a queen and really gifted me so much to feel into. there was breath movement chanting and potent reflection inbetween. Seriously powerful!

I ended my week held in circle in a cave by the beach in the dark with every element present and potent powerful women. There was drumming singing sacred cacao fire sacred soulful conversations and truly it was nourishing in ways that gifted me so much hope for us all. Women the world over are gathering daily weekly monthly in circle all with the same intention to heal support love and hold eachother and the world. Its incredible and I have been seeding these dreams into being for over a decade! Holding circle for over a decade and it feels so potent that I get to now arrive here in circle and be held and met. Hand to hand womb to womb heart to heart. This medicine is the healing balm this world has been craving for so long and here we are.

To top it off as it did not end there I retrained in IET Master training with two other women. I have been working with IET energy since 2010. It has changed my life on more than one occasion and continues to do so. To feel the aliveness possibilties and miracle of IET and the ways in which we can use it to suppport us is wonderful. It has gifted me excitement again around my purpose and reason for being and doing what I do! This week we are in the cusp of a full moon and partial eclipse which is bringing closer to some potent shifts that for many have been occuring for many years. I am also bleeding so its an extra death and rebirth for me.

We really are being invited to show up and really claim what we want and say goodbye to that which we know has been too fucking heavy to keep carrying 😉 How is it for you? Its been intense for me this week shadow dancing with myself is not always fun ha! It is always revealing and I am clear on how I am to move into this weekends energy.

I hope whatever opens up for you this weekend invites in love expansion and nourishing experiences that leave lasting shifts of the highest vibration.

In Love & Devotion Always

Your Soul Whisperer

Connector of Wombyn

Genevieve XXX

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