Soul whispers  ~ Genevieve Mc Guinness

Soul love ~ Self Care ~ Calling home whats needed

Hello Beloveds, I promised to take you all on a journey with me one where I heal a broken heart, I mean how does one heal a broken heart? Really? Time is a healer. No doubt. Taking some responsibilty for your inner journey is helpful and important.

This past week part of my journey was to meet myself where I was with the same level of compassion and empathy I would any woman that chose to work with me. We often find it so much easier to extend compassion outwards than inwards.

So the only “soulwork” I gifted myself this past week was to observe myself. This was the only way I would be able to meet myself where I was. To become observant of ourselves is key to accessing what we need to heal anything in life. We cannot heal what we are not aware of. To become aware invites in self compassion and acceptance which can lead us to being more proactive and decisive about what it is we actually need.

So, I paid very close attention to what was happening inside and outside of me. I noticed quite a bit, some of which I wasnt seeing so clearly. I chose not to move into any energy work, movement practices, pleasure practices or anything much I simply let myself off the hook and surrendered fully to where I am.

Where I am right now is not feeling to move into anything other that complete surrender to literally become undone. This is my truth. So rather than pre maturely force myself into a state of boundless joy which is my goal 😉 lol I decided lets keep it real!

This feels most powerfully aligned with what is needed in my life right now and exactly what I invite a woman into in this journey. You see we often try to escape the truth of where we are to find the happy clappy space before first actually being 100% real about where we are.

There were of course other things I invited into the mix as these things are small yet vital daily acts of devotion that we can build upon more of as we strengten and regain some of our lost mojo. Simple things like daily walks and drinking more water. Really asking and listening to what my body needed and allowing it to lead me through my week. My body didnt want to do much other than walk and rest.

It is really interesting as in allowing and gifting myself space to surrender oppurtunities opened up for me to drop into and be held. I was invited to a circle I wanted to duck out of it ( my mind) yet my body heart and womb was  YES Go… So I showed up and it was gentle affirming and gave me space to hear my souls guidance. In my soul journey time with the drum I was gifted some insight to what would feel supportive right now. Some plant medicine wisdom to work with, animal spirit guides and some soul nudges reminding me of who and what I am beyond the story playing out in my life right now.

This week I am introducing some daily IET practices and a gratitude journalling practice that I have slipped out of. What is IET? Integrative energy therapy. It works with the Violet Ray working with 9 healing Angels all of which i feel closely aligned with.

I will gift myself a full IET session.

I will gift myself daily IET empowerment practice.

I will gift myself some advanced practices to help with moving through limiting beliefs and resistance in my life.

I will also gift myself some heart waves and power bursts of energy.

I will share with you how introducing more IET into my daily life impacts how I am respnding to life.

If you are moving through a huge shift right now I am inviting you to drop into compassionate observation. This a soul practice that opens up your heart to seeing more clearly where you are with no judgement or push to bring you to some place else.

Let me know how this moves for you.

In Love & Devotion Always

Your Soul Whisperer

Connector of Wombyn

Genevieve XXX

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