Soul whispers  ~ Genevieve Mc Guinness

Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth To speak our truth is often scary. To speak our truth takes us to our deepest fears. To speak our truth takes us to our rawest vulnerabilities. This will often appear messy. This will often appear painful. This will often appear dark. Are you afraid of the dark? I know I am! I fear, love and loathe it all at once. But I gift myself itself its presence because I know my heart knows its medicine is good for my soul in this human experience. It is and can be a place of deep inner discomfort where we may not quite hear, see or know what is truth and what is not. We will sway violently between illusion, paranoia, angst, fear and doubt. Amidst the squirming within the very often uncomfortable darkness happening on the inside we defend, protect and deny ourselves real honest opportunity to truly grow, expand, open, and bow into deep humility. We often run, fester, bury and avoid the opening. the budding, the ripening of what is bursting to take root and bring new light, new life into being. If we take that jump off the edges of safety and comfort, and take a huge leap of faith into true ownership of our feelings.Right into that dark uncomfortable place on the inside. The part of us that acts out. The part of us that enjoys the sabotage. The part that craves the drama. The part that refuses to see our shadow. The ego at play. The part of us that fears abandonment. The part that feels rejection. The parts we try to leave out in the dark lonely cold.
Yet it is here where… The gold reveals itself It illuminates It glistens It reveals It inspires It engages It lights us up with a wisdom that gifts us the truth of the real gold within our hearts. The heart always knows, there is nothing ever to defend The heart always knows, there is nothing to protect The heart always knows, there is nothing that cannot ever be met in love, ever. The heart knows, human error will dissolve into a sacred being-ness that will catapult great change and movement for the better for all. It will be that ripple of love that continues to ripple outwards expanding, growing, evolving, dissolving, watering down the resistance to being love and allowing ourselves to be met in love. Simply because the heart gnows and through this gnowing the human grows So step up and past your fears Step up into your truth whatever that may be, to whomever it may need to go, because that my loves is where the real juice is, where the gold lies, where the truth can truly set us free. Gift yourself and others opportunity to show up and be in their truth and own it. Push past the fears. It is always worth it. In deepest love gratitude and devotion always Genevieve Marie Rose

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