Worthiness and wellness is yours to have…

It is not hard to see that we live in world where many are burnt out, stressed, angry, over whelmed, resentful, depressed, and anxious. These states of being are all so normalized as part and parcel of living yet there is so much we can do to move beyond this preputial state of suffering we humans seem so attached to living out in our lives. It is time to move beyond our suffering into really living.
We have choice in that and we have power within us to shift what we must to bring this to life. more to living and life than accepting this as normal. It is not normal. It is normal when we are not caring for ourselves, it is normal when we do not have community, it is normal when we are not feeling supported, it is normal when we are living out trauma.
For me it is not acceptable that these states of being become our normal! It is not normal. It is symptomatic of the world we live in and the life choices we are making personally and collectively in our world.
You, me, and all in this world deserve to feel enlivened relaxed calm and at ease in our lives’ and there are so many simple effective ways to begin this journey into a state of wellness if you have not been feeling it.
There are certain challenges in my life still that would send most people into a constant state of stress and overwhelm yet it is rare that I fall into that state of being for any duration of time that would be a cause for concern. It happens yes, it used to happen for months on end, hell there have been years of live sucked into the abyss of depression where that cloud simply would pour on top me with an endless stream of reasons why my life sucked.
Here is some truth that might surprise some being optimistic and genuinely engaged in living has not always come naturally or easily to me, yet truly now it is as natural as breathing and nope I am not 100% happy and uplifted every moment of my life. Here is a secret. NO ONE ELSE IS EITHER! This is not what tis is about.
Life is a spectrum of feeling often gifting us just the right medicine that we need. For a time my depression was gifting my deep rest from a life of striving and masking my deep internal pain that I was denying and repressing to the point of dis-ease in many areas of my life. For example, my anger forced me to acknowledge how boundaries were non existent, my stress shows me where I have slackened off caring for myself. Each state of being that arose was a truth messenger, a moment that arrived into my life offering me choice into compassionate acceptance.
Right now in my life I am not immune to stress, depression, anger, fear or anxious states yet I can and do move in and through with ease and grace and this I believe is only because the past 20+ years I have been fine tuning my internal landscape so that I could meet more and more of myself through better innerstanding which has led to me discovering many gentle simple and effective wellness tools that work. that have been tried tested and used time and time again as I refine how to better care for myself and those I love in this world.
Some of which I am going to share with you today as these wellness tools help me time and again meet the challenging times in my life with more ease, it is essentially compassionate grace.
These are:
Acceptance: Accepting life will always bring with it some challenge and accepting the truth of what I am feeling in that has been life changing.
Personal Response-ability: I hear a lot of people blame the collective for the deep feelings they have inside of them, which is yes partly true, however know there is no shame in feeling and owning the depth of our true feeling. Own it, claim it, love it into surrendering peace again. It works. I promise.
Curiosity: becoming curious about the body pain, the emotional outbursts, the stress, the anger, the whatever is showing that is uncomfortable for me right now, has helped massively. I begin an inner dialogue. I ask questions and wait for the answer to arise which is often does intuitively, in dream time or through an conversation.
Examples of questions you might ask are: What are teaching me right now? Where am I hurting right now? Where in the body am I holding this?
We often give and give until depletion and when burnt out we fall into resentment, feel over burdened, and stressed. What is often happening at these times is that our energy becomes so over extended and scattered that we are no longer able to self source that which we need to feel enlivened and turned on by life. So there are so many ways to self source and support your own energy into better wellness I call these daily devotional practices, and they include:
~ An intentional walk connecting with the earth beneath you the skies above you. ~ A cup of your favourite drink and sitting outside for as long as you feel to listening to the birdsong.~ Giving yourself permission to feel all that arises in you through out the day with compassion and less judgement. ~ Choosing to feed your body with the love and respect it deserves, not just in food but thoughts you direct towards your body. ~ Making a conscious decision to lay your hand upon your heart often through out the day and saying inwardly or out loud “I love you”. ~ Making time for movement, dance, sound, song, time to write out whatever wants to be poured upon the page.~ Saying No to something you really don’t want to do~ Saying YES to something you have longed to commit to
These are some examples and my own daily loving practice’s change by the day, the moment I am. One thing I am though is am consistent in my daily commitment to myself no matter how small it may seem. As this consistent commitment to myself over time has slowly shifted the wiring in my brain that fed the strongly held beliefs from one of unworthiness into believing more and more that I am worthy.
Say that with me now.”I AM WORHTY”
Worthy of love, worthy of support, worthy of wellness, worthy of joy, worthy of happiness, worthy of all of the things I desire in my life.
We are all so worthy.
There is one more wellness tool I must speak to before I finish sharing here and that is one of support.
Support comes in many ways. I am grateful for the strong women in my life that support, listen, and respect me as I am. I am grateful for the energy therapists that have supported me rebalance my life force when was unable to. I am grateful for the guidance when needed.
It is vital especially if you are struggling to support yourself into wellness to find those people who can support you through until you are able to hold yourself string again. With out those people in my life I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am.
For those of you reading these words now I am seeing you fully enlivened, full of passion, turned on in life, for yourself, and those you love and support in life. In deeply safe nourishing loving relationship where all you need is with you. May you know that I value you, I see your worthiness. My next blog will be about why we need loving stable nourishing relationships in life, not just with others but ourselves and how to cultivate that.

In love & devotion always

Your SOUL whisperer

Genevieve x

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