Yoni Egg Wisdom MasterClass

Pleasure is Power

3 Pleasure Practices to enliven you and gift you more body confidence

In this Master Class you will learn:

What a Yoni Egg is

How and why to use a Yoni egg

How to cleanse clear and energize your Yoni egg

Where you can purchase reputable products

Vulva Anatomy

Womb Wisdom

You will leave this Yoni Egg Wisdom Master Class with a better understanding of your internal anatomy, your womb’s wisdom, why a yoni egg can and will support you into feeling radiant, youthful, energised, connected, confident, healthier, and more turned on to all of life. 

A regular Yoni Egg Practice will gift you

More Body Confidence

Better Orgasms

Full bodied, Heartgasms, Wombgasms, Breathgasms seriously delicious

More Love for yourself

Yoni egg - Genevieve Mc Gee

Strong Pelvic Floor health

Connection to your bodily wisdom

Meet your host

Genevieve is a soul whispering priestess of the heart and connection.

Genevieve‘s name literally means Tribe of women. She brings women together in celebration of the other gifting them a safe place to open and deepen further into their soul path at this evolutionary time of awakening on our planet.

She has a gift for walking women safely into the heart of their shadow material empowering them to access new levels of freedom within for over a decade.

She has brithed the priestess path of rememberance, sacred heart circles and is a compassionate mentor to wombyn the world over guiding them to move in through their inner pain stories into inner love stories. 

Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Some Testimonials

01  Diana

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. What makes it even more exciting is you are sharing from your own embodied wisdom. Such deep gratitude to be doing this with you and connecting with you in this beautiful way. Thank you.

02  Colette

“Thank you Genevieve for these teachings. I have found it truly fascinating and very empowering. My self worth and esteem is something I have always struggled with.These teachings have awoken something in me that I cannot ignore.

03  Velvet

Genevieve I was gifted my juiciness back again. This past 9 months have been hard you gifted me my sparkle back. Thank you.

04  Dee

Thank you for this course, its been educational and empowering.